No Building a Cult of Personality for Castro

Is building no cult of personality for Castro more insinuating by his absence?


There is no cult of personality in Cuba, said Fidel Castro. No monuments or streets were to be named after him. “The men and women who lead this country are people, not gods,” he said in his biography.

And yet as Santiago’s fervent Fidelistas gathered on Saturday for a final farewell, the constant refrain was immortality, invincibility, eternity.

2 thoughts on “No Building a Cult of Personality for Castro

  1. I visited Cuba for 6 months in 1998. The best thing in terms of visual culture in the island were the billboards on the roads. The roads were built so wide, with 8 lanes. There was never any traffic because Cubans cannot travel freely in the country, and public transportation is amiss. There were tourist cars, government cars, and trucks. The trucks were sometimes loaded with goods, sometimes loaded with people. In any case, the billboards were fantastic. They were not advertising billboards since advertising for products is very rare, unless they are ads about products the government produces.

    Here is a google search on the billboards. Plenty of Che, Fidel and all sorts of slogans.

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