BALTIC WORLDS reviews In Search of Baltic Dimensions…

Link to article in Baltic Worlds, authors: Irina Seits/ Ekaterina Kalinina

“Färgfabriken, a cultural institute and exhibition space in Stockholm, is an experimental platform, where culture, politics, academic research, and urban practices are allowed to merge. It launches projects yielding interventions, and producing new agendas through which urgent matters related to life in the Baltic region can be introduced, researched, and analyzed in different ways and through various activities. It is a modern public space, where people work side by side at the forefront of the norm-challenging projects that characterize the space. Färgfabriken thrives on personal connections and enthusiasm among the people working there, and on its close cooperation with funding bodies in the Baltic Sea region.

On October 13, Färgfabriken organized the symposium “In Search for the Baltic Dimensions”, where researchers, artists, media practitioners, designers, urban planners, and art students outlined some of the burning social and cultural issues related to the Baltic Sea region. One-day sessions were attended by people who work with issues of integration, urban cultures, and architecture..” excerpted from Baltic Worlds.



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