R-Lab Exhibition News

Report on Mindepartmentet and Tomteboda spaces:

García-Alix!_1_D8A2511 sGarcia-Alix_9 sMindepartementet Floorplan (1) s

1 Our main exhibition venue will be inside the Mindepartementet Art and Photography gallery.– Installation date: Friday  May 19 till removal June 5. We will be following the gallery hours, when their coffee shop and bookstore are open to the public. we will be closed for Swedish holidays.  hours are 12- 5pm.. (to be confirmed.)

Key Dates: May 23, all school exhibitions opening dates and public ceremonies. this includes graduation certificate awards for students completing this year’s R-Lab. May 24, Final Review with special guest critics.  You should plan to attend this event if you want feedback on your projects. Guest critics will come from Stockholm and abroad.

2. Our second venue will at  Tomteboda.  This exhibition site will feature the works of the Royal Institute of Art’s undergraduate and graduate programs, and the Critical Habitat course, who have elected to leave the Mejan Gallery this year. (Preservation course will take the entire Mejan Gallery).

Discussions are now underway on our presence at the Tomteboda, but i have suggested we make our collective installations there. There is the common lounge space that will be designed by Hangman, and i have suggested we install one of our early ideas on a Souvenir Cabinet of Curiosity, where we install and also request souvenirs from the public, as we had once discussed in class. I have also suggested we provide newspaper flyers where we describe our two workshops, in Mostar and in Riga. the flyer could look like a regular spreadsheet and include “fake” and real advertisements. these flyers would connect to our year end publication (deadlines to be announced shortly). I suspect the lounge will be a perfect gathering place for the public and therefore ideal for presenting our work informally.

We have tentatively established two committees, the Publications committee and the Exhibitions committee. You will soon be contacted by the committee coordinators.

tomte IMG_8596tomte IMG_8617tomte IMG_8625tomte IMG_8641tomte plan IMG_8616

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