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Tomteboda and some ideas on Gentrification/

Welcome everyone to a panel talk at the entrance of the Royal Institute of Art 26/4 17.00!

Due to the investigation of moving the Royal institute of Art to Tomteboda we would like to bring up the questions of public vs. private and art/artists role in society.

We have investigated the ownership of Tomteboda and sent out that information in an email a few weeks ago.

There has also been information about this in the entrance of the school until a few days ago.

With this talk we hope to not only discuss the current situation for the school but also try to discuss it in a broader sense connected to gentrification, renovictions and privatizations.

We would also like this to be a discussion about how artists can relate to these questions, within their practice but also in the situations around their practice.

If you have any questions or points you would like to be discussed, send an e-mail or just show up on Wednesday!

There will be time for an open discussion.

The talk will be held in English and the duration of the event will be one hour.

Invited guests:

Maryam Fanni

Maryam Fanni is a graphic designer based in Stockholm. 

Dominika Polanska

Dominika is associate professor of sociology at Uppsala University. She has since her doctoral thesis in 2011 about gated communities in Poland focused on social movements in Eastern Europe (especially Poland) but also Sweden, working with living and housing issues. Her research interests include: urban social movements, extra-parliamentary activism, squatting, informal organization, non-traditional forms of civil engagement and tenant organizing around renoviction.

Peter Lang

Peter Lang is professor of architectural theory and history at the Royal Institute of art in Stockholm.

Frida Sandström

(b. 1990) is an artist and a writer, whose practice takes place in the intersection of the curatorial and the pedagogical, with performance as its core. She is one of the editors of Paletten Art Journal, and is a frequent writer in Swedish cultural journals and magazines such as Kunstkritikk, Feministiskt Perspektiv, Konstnären and ETC. She is currently enrolled with a two-year research project on the notion of the event at the Royal Academy of the Arts, together with artist Cara Tolmie and curator Aleksei Borisionok and studies a masters program in aesthetics at Södertörn University.

Moderator: Elof Hellström

All the best,

Tove and Astrid

Mordåtal för vansinnesfärd

Mordåtal för vansinnesfärd

Föraren av den bil som mejade ned ett stort antal människor på Västerlånggatan i Stockholm åtalades på fredagen för att avsiktligt ha dödat två människor och försökt döda femton andra.

below a quick google translation:

The driver of the car that mowed down a large number of people on Western Street in Stockholm was indicted on Friday for intentionally killing two people and attempted to kill fifteen others.


“Battling to Save James Baldwin’s Home in the South of France” NYTs

“But those who arrive today to pay homage to Baldwin won’t find anything commemorating that American novelist, playwright and essayist. No house museum greets them, or even a plaque with his name. The wing where Baldwin lived was torn down a few years ago. The remaining two houses on the property are in disrepair, the once-verdant garden unkempt. And the local real estate developer who now owns the property, after the Baldwin family lost control of it more than a decade ago, plans to build three apartment buildings and a swimming pool.”

“Trevor Baldwin, one of Baldwin’s nephews, who helped get a street in Harlem named for the author, said in an email that he would like something more tangible in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. “I hope there will be a commemorative vestige to honor his dedication to elevating humanity through enlightenment with appreciation for his love of the country that saved his life,” Mr. Baldwin wrote. Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where his uncle “chose to die,” Mr. Baldwin said, was deeply meaningful to the writer.

Baldwin left behind an unfinished play, “The Welcome Table,” about an African-American living in the South of France. Its title refers to the table in his garden here, where friends would talk late into the night. In the developer’s plans, that patch of lawn will become the entrance to an underground garage.”Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 09.58.20